Reflections of Rose

Gabriele Baldocci

16 July 2020
Gabriele Baldocci
Number of discs: 1

The coronavirus lockdown and the limitations that it implied created in me, in its first period, a real moment of complete lack of inspiration. At the end of it, suddenly, I have been hit by a peak of creativity and I started writing a lot of piano music.
I decided that I will release a piano piece every six weeks. The first being on July 17th.
After a whole year spent on the works of Beethoven and on pieces and improvisations inspired by him, my current state of mind is getting me closer to developing a more impressionistic approach to piano textures.
This new series represent the beginning of a project of Musical Portraits, each of them being inspired by an important person of my life.
Reflections of Rose, contains memories of the forests of Oregon and I dedicate it to my friend Serena Rose Zerri, who actually took the photo in the album cover.

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